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Firearm Sales

The best quality firearm sales are done by us. We have a wide array of guns both used and new. We make sure that we do not compromise on quality; therefore, we have first-hand firearms that have been recently manufactured in the factory. We also provide complete guidance and instructions along with selling these firearms. We make sure that you get the best priced firearms from us rather than visiting multiple places and locations.

Firearm Accessories

We offer parts and accessories for all types of firearms. Including triggers, grips, lasers, cases and magazines for every type of firearm.

Firearm Repairs

Firearms often need frequent maintenance. If the previous or current owner does not maintain the cleaning of the gun, it may eventually have a issue and need a repair. We provide multiple types of repair on firearms. Our repair facility works on old antique guns to todays most modern guns. Sometimes, repair work costs you a huge amount of money but old school tactical offers you repair work in very economical rates. This service is provided to everyone so that no one gets worried if any firearm makes trouble.


You will get each and every product with a warranty which offers you the choice between replacements of the product or get it fixed by the company. This is what we provide to our customers to offer the highest level of service.

Firearms Transfers, Including Handguns

Old School Tactical is also offers firearm transfer from state to state including handguns. If you are looking for a service provider who has the expertise to do these things then there’s only one to contact. We provide series of services related to gun transfer that will surely suit your need as the gun owner. With us, there is nothing you have to worry about because we are your trusted agent who knows exactly what you need as our customer. If you need to transfer a firearm, please contact us today.


Old School Tactical not only provides you the firearms but also the ammunition. Because of our buying power, we will be able to get you a better price on your ammunition. If you are looking for a special type of ammunition, or a large order, contact us today!


Individuals who are interested in carrying a firearm but do not have enough knowledge of having one, Old School Tactical welcomes them to come and join our training sessions. These training sessions are conducted by our licensed and certified trainers who have 20+ years experiance. These training sessions are very informative because carrying a firearm is a privilege and a responsibility. One should have enough know-how about its workings before using one.

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